The value of good Interior Workplace Design is visible all over corporate and home offices across the world. Some might argue that it is a luxury but the perks completely outweigh the disadvantages.

Workplace Design is defined as the process of planning and organising of a given space to enhance and promote comfort of individuals and ultimately their safety, performance and productivity in the office.

In 2016 office productivity in the UK was on average almost 30% lower than that of countries like Germany, France and the USA. This called for an intensive look at how companies could improve efficiency in the office or workplace.

There are many objectives to consider when the perfect work place is planned. In general, the following are high up on the list:

LightingAir QualityErgonomicsLayoutPrivacyNoise controlComfortFlow / MovementDécorColourStorageTechnology

All of these have been discussed numerously by many Interior Space & Work Place Designers. What we are going to look at are the people you are creating these spaces for. The link between workplace design and well-being is becoming more and more discussed and understood. Many people claim they “live at work” and that might be the harsh reality for many people. Now, imagine “living at work” could be as comfortable as possible and so uplifting that your employees (and yourself) don’t mind walking the extra mile since the work place is also a happy place.

Let’s look at the most common types of individuals found in the workplace. It is advised to look at the personalities in the workplace and to create spaces that makes them feel not only comfortable but also understood.

The “getting down to business” type.

These individuals prefer privacy for intensive focus. They have their heads down as their job descriptions may require longer periods of concentration.

The “let’s make it happen” type.

These individuals enjoy teamwork and brainstorming and are often found in squads where they are free to socialise. Open plan office and workplaces are key to encourage collaboration.

The “multi-tasking frequent mover” type.

These individuals can perform their work just about anywhere. They don’t mind moving around and is able to adapt to any situation or environment. What they need is simply a chair to pull up to any table and strong Wi-Fi connection.

The “socialite extrovert” type.

Everybody loves this individual who thrives on positivity and energy. They are able to work in open spaces and don’t mind constantly having co-workers surrounding them. Nothing can distract them but silence and loneliness. They love the hustle and bustle in the office.

The “solitary lone wolf” type.

These individuals prefer and appreciate privacy and the convenience of a space that allow them to work solo. They perform best when working alone. Having all the necessary tools and technology available, allow them to easily connect to co-workers should the need arise.

The “brave trooper on a mission” type.

These individuals are the “go-getter” type who spends little time in the office and who is always on the run between clients. For them, the best space is fully equipped and immediately available to allow instant gratification. They are able to work under pressure and engage easily with co-workers and clients on all levels. Sharing comes easily as does their ability to adapt to changing environments.

The most important aspects to keep in mind for successful workplace / office design are work patterns, especially when different individuals work together. Space planning helps to eliminate distractions and optimise available space. When the individual is comfortable in his chair, has plenty of light and fresh air and is able to concentrate and move around according to his needs, productivity and performance is enhanced and work gets done!

Deborah specialised in space design and numerous well thought through offices for homes and corporate environments proudly wears her label. Call her today for an investment that will boost your business.

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